Senin, 09 Juni 2008

Internet Marketing Techniques (Traffic Source)

Okay, you got yourself a website and a product, so what to do next? It's time to drive traffic into your website, there's a rule on this world of online business that said, traffic = profit, without traffic = 0 sales, it's no rocket science, but to drive traffic is a matter of dilligence and it's a hard work, because traffic don't come overnight, it takes time to develop into a steady amount of traffic that can benefit your business.

The internet marketing techniques that I want to share with you today will drive traffic into your website.

There are 2 kind of traffics you must know, the first one is organic traffic which comes from the search engine, or people ofter said natural traffic, to get this kind of traffic you have to learn about SEO (search engine optimation) which a way to tailor your website so it complies with the search engine algorithm, huh?? We get on that pretty soon.

The other traffic is called paid traffic which means you pay for an amount of traffic, people also called this traffic a PPC or paid per click.

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